The Cons
My entire body aches.

It’s worse up top where my head is which is decently pounding due to some foreign contamination and really cold water. And probably way too much Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Emergen-C, hydration and hot shower please.

Next my arms and shoulders feel like I just bench pressed a small whale. The amount of muscle building right now based on the acidic burn is at an all time high: carrying my room key was a challenge. I have a pinched nerve in my right shoulder. That was from sleeping weird last night. And I think I have a torn muscle on my right lower rib cage. That happened at Linda Mar in Pacifica a few days back. I wasn’t even surfing. I was just laying there. On the board. And I twerked it. Also, I have a bruise on my left forearm. No explanation.

My bladder is enlarged and probably developing some strange behavioral problems. Apparently some people pee in their brand new wetsuits. Weirdos. (Ok I did it once, but it was an emergency!)

My fingers are numb. Four hours later. Ok ok not for that long but using things like car keys and smartphones presents a challenge. It’s like getting in your car after a day of skiing Whitefish.

My legs and feet, which are mostly fine, suffered a pre charley horse for 4.3 seconds in the coldest December Pacific water known to man. Well, ok, not that cold, but cold enough for muscle to not work. I freaked out because for an instant there I didn’t think my legs would return to normal but at the last second I recovered them. You know that moment, right? When you can do some auto magic muscle movement and save yourself from an hour of pain. I know you know it. Regardless, I can still feel the remnant of the spasm.

The Pros:
I’m learning to fucking surf. And I saw a jellyfish in Santa Cruz.

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